The Zoo

In this section, there are several farming pools that allow the user to deposit liquidity and earn rewards. Each pool features an individual zoo animal representing the associated farming pair. Each pool has several functionalities and options (NFT Boost Cards) attached to it including the possibility of reducing locktime and boosting rewards.

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The Expeditions

Gold & Silver Chests

The user has the possibility of earning chests by either buying them directly using ZOO tokens, or by locking these ZOO tokens. A gold chest will automatically provide the user with an NFT while a silver chest will only give a 1 in 10 chance. All purchased chests automatically burn the ZOO tokens used.

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The Market

The Market shows all available NFT Boost cards available to sell. Users can purchase NFT Boost cards with an array of different wan tokens (The amount shown is what the seller is asking for and is explained later in the “My Safe” section).

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My Safe

MySafe is an area where the user’s ZOONFTs are displayed. Apart from allowing the viewing potential of ZooBooster cards to bring to farming pools and the full collection of Keepsakes available, it also provides the opportunity to sell any unwanted cards for the user’s preferred value/currency or transfer it to another wallet address.

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The Insights Page is a feature that adds several nifty sets of statistics for you to explore. From ZOO supply to Chests price but also NFTs details, you can find the most useful information within this page.

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ZOO Safari Staking

Safari pools are staking pools where the rewards received are chosen by the community. This was planned from the very start and is possible because 3% of the minted $ZOO tokens as shown in the Tokenomics FAQ Section are set aside to buy the communities wanToken they voted for.

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ZooRena is a feature in which users can join one of two clans and receive prizes in the process. Numerous Wagers are also available, enabling new ways of earning extra chests.

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ZooBooster NFTs can be combined together with a ZooElixir in order to create a better ZooBooster. This process can be executed by acquiring an empty Elixir bottle and staking ZOO to fill it, or by purchasing all necessary materials on The Market (once available).

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