A Pool Explained:

This is what a ZooKeeper pool looks like; you can see the explanation for each section by checking the text that matches the numbers in the image below.

  1. There will be many pools and each one will feature a different mascot. Each mascot will have an individual name associated with it. You can see a speech bubble next to the mascot highlighting the unique features of the pool in question.
  2. To the right of the ZOO Token icon is the current multiplier (i.e. for ZOO rewards) for that specific pool.
  3. The APR will display the Annual Percentage Rate of the pool to that particular time. It is worth noting that the APR is subject to change with each new block.
  4. The next section of the pool information displays how many tokens you have earned with the currently locked liquidity. If you haven't provided any liquidity or removed liquidity from the pool, this will show as "0.00".
  5. On the right of the earned tokens you'll see the “Harvest” button. If you have no liquidity in the pool this will be inactive; however, once your allocation of liquidity has been successful, you can claim your mining rewards at any time. (triggers a wallet TX)
  6. Next, you will see the value of the DEX LP tokens you have provided. The amount will fluctuate during the time the liquidity is locked in the ZooKeeper pool. If you have no liquidity this will display as "$--".
  7. Under the locked value of your DEX LP tokens you can either choose to deposit for the first time or, if you have already contributed to the pool, you can add more to your current stake. Selecting either "Deposit Token" or "Top-Up" will provide more options to help you enhance your rewards. These are detailed below:

7.a If you are depositing for the first time in a pool you'll be able to select the number of days you would like to lock up your DEX LP tokens. Once locked you will be unable to remove your DEX LP tokens so choose this period wisely. However, The more days you choose to lock up, the greater the reward boost %.

7.b If you are topping up a pool you have already contributed to you can optionally increase the boost %. By changing this the number of days in the lock period will increase.

7.c If you are adding DEX LP tokens for the first time, one of the many great main features ZooKeeper has when contributing to a pool is the ability to provide an "extra boost" to your rewards with a ZooBooster (See NFT section for more info). These can also reduce the lock time period.

7.d You will also be able to switch your ZooBooster for another if you wish to do so at any point.

7.e Once any DEX LP tokens have been added/topped up or has had an ZooBooster added/swapped, it's essential to confirm these actions with the Approve and Validate actions.

  1. Next, you'll see the Token pairings. You will need to have provided liquidity into the pool before you can start farming the ZOO token. A link next to the token pair will direct you to the relevant DEX, where obtaining LP tokens is possible.

It's worth pointing out that when you add DEX LP tokens to a pool, you'll notice three subtle changes to the mascot card.

  1. The card will have a glowing border around it.
  2. The mascot will be wearing shades.
  3. The comment bubble will either change or appear to display further options to increase yield and display the ZooBooster image you have assigned.


You'll notice the handy filtering options will enable you to find pools with the most liquidity or the most significant multipliers, view the pools you've contributed to, and which pools are currently active.