Attach NFT Boost Cards

ZooBoosters (ZooKeeper NFT) cards are available to earn, purchase or win via different mechanisms in the ZooKeeper dApp. The abilities provided by ZooBoosters are unique in the crypto market and will allow each user to both reduce the locktime and increase rewards.

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Optional Lock Period

ZooKeeper offers users the possibility of increasing yield farming rewards by using the optional lock period function available for each pool. The longer the period chosen, the more rewards will be given.

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NFT Trading

ZooBoosters can be purchased or sold in The Market. Selling NFT’s can be done in several cryptocurrencies available on ZooKeeper. If you want to transfer a ZooBooster or Elixir to another address without using The Market, this is possibe with the Transfer functionality provided in the My Safe area.

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Burn Mechanic

ZooKeeper has integrated different burning mechanics on its platform to reduce the max supply of ZOO Token.

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