The Insight page displays very useful information to users who wants to know more details about ZooKeeper’s activity.

At the top you can find general information including ZOO price, market cap, and current ZOO supply.

Slightly below on the left, a breakdown of the total value locked (TVL) is shown, while the right hand side focuses on ZOO evolution within time: distribution, burning rate and estimated supply at the end of the 24 months cycle.

Further down two sections are giving more information about chests such as price and its evolution, and NFT boosters with average bonuses attached (boost and lock time reducer) and total owned.

The next part is focusing on NFT boosters classified and divided among their individual categories, levels, and classes. In this section, the user will also be able to check the Total Supply of each minted NFT, as well as view their Latest Sale price on The Market.

Finally, a list of the last 30 NFT transactions performed on the platform can be found. This includes NFT purchases from The Market, and chest reward details from The Expedition.