The Market

The Market is a place where you can buy NFT Boosters that other ZooKeeper users want to sell. Users can purchase boosters with an array of different wan tokens (The amount shown is what the seller is asking for and is explained later in the “My Safe” section).

Again, users can choose many different filtering types on the list of available boosters and display only those available that meet the users' requirements more precisely.

Sale orders are valid for 14 days by default, and orders longer than 14 days will be removed automatically.

Note that a burn mechanism has been implemented when buying/selling an NFT in The Market: 1% of the price set by the user will automatically be added to the burn system upon purchase and released to the total burn on a regular basis.

Selling an NFT

  • Go to My Safe
  • Hover over the NFT you want to sell with your mouse
  • Type in the amount and choose the token you want to sell for
  • Click on SELL
  • Approve and after that confirm
  • You will now see that the card is on sale

Buying an NFT

  • Hover over the card you want to buy with your mouse and click on buy
  • Confirm the buy