ZooRena (Closed)

This feature has been permanently discontinued.

ZooRena is an exciting place where two clans representing two of the numerous ZooKeeper mascots will be automatically selected every week to participate in an amusing battle against each other.

Participants are free to choose which clan they would like to support and add some extra strength to their chosen team by attaching an NFT. This will in turn boost their clan’s chances of survival and thus increase their odds of winning the fight. To add further excitement, in-game events will be made available to wager upon, with multiple possible outcomes. A bot, an extension of our beloved ZooPorter, will also be active on ZooKeeper’s main Telegram channel to comment on every event happening during the fight.

Enter ZooRena

Upon entering the ZooRena, the main screen will display a countdown indicating the remaining time before the start of the next fight. The user is invited to select which side they would like to join and must then pay a dynamic entry fee (1% of the current gold chest price). Once selected, a “Joined” banner will be added below your chosen clan’s name.

At the beginning of every new contest, each clan will have 100 points by default. As the clans battle, they will reduce their opponent’s total score. The clan with the highest score when the contest concludes will be declared the winner. Users from the winning clan will all receive a Silver chest to claim, as well as 3 chances (lottery tickets) to win the accumulated Jackpot.

It is not possible for a contest to end in a draw.

The option to access and read the rules is also available from the clan selection screen.

Boosting Clan Power

Once the entry fee has been paid, the user has the option of adding Power Weight to their selected clan by attaching an ZooBooster (only 1 per user is allowed). Attaching an ZooBooster to a clan could be the key to success as it increases the chances to stand victorious at the end of the battle. It is not possible to use an ZooBooster to boost clan power if the ZooBooster in question is being used elsewhere (for example, in a farming pool). Note that the users chosen ZooBooster will be locked for the duration of the fight and can only be withdrawn once the fight has concluded.

Once the battle starts, a progress bar will display the power weight of a clan that has been calculated using the NFTs provided by users before the contest.


After joining a clan, all wagers can be accessed by clicking on the “Add a wager" button. Every contest will have 9 types of wager events. An event can have several different outcomes but will only ever result in one being selected. Users can view all possible results and place a wager by choosing which one they believe will occur.

Wagers must be placed before the event starts (up to 1 minute before) and cannot be placed during the battle. The cost (in $ZOO) to take part is dynamic and will vary depending on two factors:

  • The probability of a prize being issued (1:2, 1:3, 1:4, etc)
  • The current market price of a gold/silver chest is taken into account.

e.g. A gold chest on a 1:4 wager will cost more $ZOO than a gold chest on a 1:10 wager.

The user will also have two different options for each wager type selection:

  • A silver chest
  • A gold chest

The type of chest reward is based on the selected chest option. For example, a gold chest wager, if won, will always reward you with a gold chest. Chests won can then manually be claimed where displayed.

Remember that the user’s selected clan does not need to be victorious to successfully win a wager. Indeed, all wagers are independent from the outcome of the match. The outcome of a wager is completely random.

Note: 50% of the wagers placed will be burned, and the remaining 50% are added to the Jackpot. (the entry fee is considered a wager as well)

The Lottery

Lottery tickets will be distributed to users who join a clan, and also when taking part in wager events. There are multiple ways in which a user can accumulate Lottery tickets.

  • Users will receive three (3) Lottery tickets when they pay the entry fee;
  • Users will receive tickets according to whether they make a Silver Chest or Gold Chest wager, but also according to the specific wager type selected (1:2, 1:3, etc);
  • The number of tickets received is displayed next to each wager;
  • Gold Chest wagers will offer approximately 10 times more lottery tickets than Silver Chest ones

Note that the three (3) winning Lottery tickets from the victorious clan will be selected after the battle ends (this can occur up to several hours after the conclusion of a match) and the jackpot will be distributed evenly among these tickets.

The winning Lottery tickets will appear as glowing in the corresponding section.

The Jackpot is made up of 50% of $ZOO used in wagers and 50% of $ZOO used to participate in the event (entry fee).

Note: Lottery tickets can not be carried over into other events nor can they be traded or sent to another address.

The ZooPorter

The ZooPorter is ZooKeeper’s pixelated Parrot that will commentate throughout the event, and report on the action in real-time. The ZooPorter’s primary purpose is to announce results of both:

  • fight events - during which clans lose members and points;
  • wager events - the winning option for each wager type.

Additionally, the ZooPorter will also comment on the official Telegram channel before the fight to provide extra information (e.g. remaining time before fight starts, number of NFTs attached, etc) and will also announce lottery ticket winners once known.

You can join ZooKeeper's Official Telegram here: https://t.me/zoofarming

Viewing Previous Contests (History)

The “View all fights” button displayed at the top bottom of the screen gives users the ability to access previous contests in more detail, via a list or series of scorecards. This will also give users the ability to claim their NFTs and further obtain any previously unclaimed chests.