The Safari (Wanchain only)

In the Safari section the user can decide to stake ZOO to get rewards. Each pool allows the user to earn the designated coin/token: one permanent pool will stake ZOO to earn ZOO and one pool to stake ZOO and earn a coin/token chosen by the community.

There will always be only two pools active in The Safari, following cycles. Each cycle (called “Season”) will last for four weeks and will include a one week period, for the community to vote for the token/coin of the next Season.

In order to join a pool, the user can click on the “Stake ZOO” button (a), select the amount of ZOO to stake (b) (or hit MAX if all), and Approve and Validate. A timer will also be displayed to indicate the time left for this Season to end (c).

Once a pool is staked, the user still has the option to top up the existing balance at any time. A button will then appear to be able to select this option (a), as well as to claim rewards (b) or to withdraw ZOO tokens (c).

It is important to note that:

  • there is no limit on how much ZOO to stake in each pool
  • there are no extra fees (other than gas) for entering or exiting a pool
  • past season pools can be found by turning off the “show active only” filter option (as they become greyed out once finished)
  • it is possible to see the weekly rewards with the "?" icon