How to Add Liquidity on DEX

ZooKeeper partnered with several Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) in order to provide the dApp with liquidity from Liquidity Providers (LPs).

On Avalanche network, both Trader Joe and Pangolin are available while on Wanchain, Wanswap is the exclusive one. On top of allowing users to trade $ZOO tokens, the basic trading functionality of each DEX comes directly from the Uniswap codebase: LPs are incentivized for providing liquidity to trading pairs with rewards drawn from the fees paid by users swapping between the paired assets.

On each of these DEXes, at least one $ZOO pair is available to LPs. After providing liquidity, LPs receive DEX LP tokens. These tokens represent their shares in the pool and will be used to withdraw funds or in the yield farm.

DEX LP Tokens

When you supply liquidity to a DEX liquidity pool, you receive DEX LP tokens in proportion to how much liquidity you supply to the pool. When a trade is facilitated by the pool a percentage of the fee is proportionally distributed amongst all the liquidity pools token holders. If you withdraw your assets from the pool, you will receive the earned fees but your tokens will be burned.

Compatible Wallets

ZooKeeper platform is compatible with MetaMask (desktop & mobile) on both Avalanche and Wanchain networks. WanMask (desktop) and WanWallet (desktop & mobile) are other options for Wanchain users only.


ZooKeeper uses a Dynamic Market Cap strategy as a result of the burning of ZOO tokens and the use of NFT Boosts within its farming environment.

The distribution of ZOO tokens is spread over 24 months at the rate of 10 ZOO per block. There will never be any form of pre-mining or pre-sale of ZOO tokens.

Token Allocation Breakdown:

77% will be reserved for the farming pools and is subject to the dynamic calculation below

9% will be kept for the ZooKeeper foundation

8% will be dedicated to marketing

3% will be reserved for advisors

3% will be used to purchase wanTokens chosen by the community

Because $ZOO has a dynamic market cap, we cannot provide an exact market cap figure due to the boost % from NFTs applied to pools and the lockup period used by users; These are all unknown variables until confirmed the point of application. Therefore, we have a Minimum and a Maximum market cap. It's impossible that either of these market caps will be the case at the end of the 24 months, and the final market cap will be somewhere in between.

  • Min $ZOO: 155,157,120
  • Max $ZOO: 393,059,532.10

To see how these figures are calculated, we have published a detailed post on our official Medium channel

Community Questions



Docs say can use our DEX LP tokens to farm on ZooKeeper. What does that mean? and what is DEX LP tokens?

When you provide liquidity in a farming pool.
You receive DEX LP tokens that represent your portion of the liquidity pool. Once done you are able to use those same DEX LP tokens in the ZooKeeper dApp.

If I top up my DEX LP tokens will the lock period of time reset?

If you want to top up this is fine. Your days will not reset. However, if you did want to change this, the option is still there to increase locking time

If I top up my DEX LP tokens can I reduce lock period?

You can only shorten your lockup period with an NFT and that will be by the amount that is specified as a % on the NFT you use. You can switch out an NFT at a later time if you happen to get another with a bigger % reduction.

Is this project multi-chain?

Yes, ZooKeeper is currently available on Avalanche and Wanchain networks and more chains will be added in the near future.

Do I have to withdraw my liquidity from the DEX liquidity pool?

No, liquidity stays with the DEX pool. It is important that this is understood and you only need to withdraw from farming on Wanswap and not withdraw liquidity

Have the contracts been audited?

ZooKeeper contract has been audited by HAECHI wand also pre-audited by the Wanchain Team

If I stake X amount of ZOO for a 2 days to earn a gold chest, Do I have to re-stake when the 2 days period ends to get another gold chest?

Yes. Although the number of ZOO tokens required to stake is dynamic and can change at any time, you will need to supply the required amount at the time.

Can I change or remove an NFT from a pool?

There are two ways to remove an NFT if your DEX LP tokens are unlocked: replace with another NFT, or remove your DEX LP tokens from farming on that pool. If you have locked your DEX LP tokens in farming on the pool you have assigned an NFT to, the only way is by replacing it with another NFT.

Team & Partners

ZooKeeper team is comprised of crypto enthusiasts, long time blockchain users who are well known in certain communities and experienced developers.

Current partners include: Avalanche, Trader Joe, Pangolin, Wanchain and WanSwap.